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I genuinely find happiness in seeing others around me (whether I know them personally or not) succeed. Whether it is landing a new job, getting married, starting a family or most of all, launching or excelling in their own business, something inside me jumps for joy whenever I hear about it. And after my legs are tired from all the jumping, I get inspired.

For the past couple of years, the art of entrepreneurship (and I DO believe it is an art!) has been something that I have consumed myself with. Webinars, bios, articles, videos, you name it! Whether it is related to photography or any other industry, learning an entrepreneur’s personal story of their beginning stages, trials and tribulations, lessons learned, and the sheer determination that he/she possesses to do whatever it takes to live their dreams motivates me like none other. Seeing young women, especially, who are focused, talented, passionate, and hardworking pushes me to realize more that if I continue to give my all, I can be just as successful within my own business as well!

In a time where my generation and those that follow are being blamed for the downfall of our society, we can’t forget the young men and women who are making a difference, living positive lives, setting amazing examples, and finding success in what makes them most happy.

In efforts to share my interests with you (and not to mention, meet, photograph, and chat with some remarkable young women), I am taking this opportunity to start a new series on my blog called Inspirational Women Wednesdays. I will begin this series by introducing you to young women in different industries who have made the jump to pursue their dreams, start their own businesses, and who are doing INCREDIBLE jobs at it. Hopefully, these ladies will be able to inspire you just as much as they inspire me, and ultimately lead you to be an inspiration to others. If you are or if you know a young female entrepreneur who would be perfect for a feature on Inspirational Women Wednesdays, please email

Check back soon for my first #IWW feature next Wednesday!

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